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Chris Jones Gaming Dot Net – (This Site) is A Generalized Gaming Website that features Game And Mod Downloads, Gaming Industry News and Reviews, links To Podcasts, Images And Video. We are not limited to gaming.. Business, Politics, Tech, News, and Opinion play major parts here as well. The Gaming news you see is culminated from many places around the internet which, when combined with the Business, Politics, Tech, News, and Opinion, make for a well rounded experience.

The Team Behind Chris Jones Gaming Developed The Highly Successful Ultimate Universe Modification of the 2006 Game, Star Trek: Legacy, Where Downloads Honestly Now Stand In The TENS OF THOUSANDS. The Mod lives here on this site, and is considered our signature work. No we did not mod the XBox version, lol.

As you can see, we feature gaming news from many different sources, all in one location, with our own contributions too. Our goal is to have fun, and to keep you coming back around to see what’s up. This is it, you are here! Take a look around and dive in. The latest gaming news is updated several times daily, and we feature reviews for various games.

We have a Discussion Forum, which at this point, is archival in nature.

Chris Jones Himself Has Been Modifying Star Trek Related Games Since The Days Of Starfleet Command 1. Chris Jones Gaming As An Entity Came Into Being In January 2007. Prior to 2007 there was ‘ChrisJonesMods’.

The Goal At That Time – in early 2007 – Was To Create The Ultimate Universe Mod. However, The Ambition To Be More Was Present At All Times And Eventually, Chris Jones Gaming grew And Now Our Network Stretches Across A Vast Array Of Medias.

Through Partnerships With Other Websites, Chris Jones Gaming (CJG) Continually strives to be part of Something Bigger, Through Teamwork, Collaboration And A Sense Of Professionalism.

This site was html from it’s humble beginnings in Jan. 2007 – in June 2007 we switched to e107.. and..
We switched to WordPress format on May 13, 2011 – Thanks to our friend Mindwipe’s diligence and professional abilities. I may have had a small part, lol. :)

(Below) State Of The Network – from Spring 2010 – we’ve come a long way since this. I like this as it is a moment frozen in time.

See the little audio players below and have a listen to a bit of our history.

Duke Nukem Voice Actor Interview


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