Next-gen Xbox specs leak

by on January 21, 2013

Website is claiming a world-wide exclusive by revealing the full spec for the upcoming next-generation Xbox, codenamed Durango. While there is obviously no official substantiation for the information posted, key elements of the spec match the overall outline of the hardware we have received from trusted sources and the leaker has come forward with proof about the origins of the information – and it appears genuine.

First up, let’s deal with the elements of the spec we definitely know to be true: Durango features an eight-core CPU from AMD running at 1.6GHz, just like its upcoming next-gen PlayStation competitor – Orbis. As we explained last week, these are based on AMD’s new PC technology, Jaguar – built for the entry-level laptop and tablet market. The initial PC Jaguar CPUs are configured in a quad-core arrangement – this doubles for both next-gen consoles.

A complete, top-to-bottom list of Durango features for your reading pleasure.

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